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Patient Testimonials


Dr. Julian Escobar – Patient Stories

ReproMed Fertility Center1

In August, we were blessed with a precious baby boy who has changed our life forever. He is the perfect complement to our family and we are enjoying every minute with him. Our journey began in early 2015 Continue Reading

Angela Justiss


ReproMed Fertility Center2

For any would be parents out there considering Repromed Fertility for your fertility needs, we would like to say that we were more than fortunate to have the privilege to work with Dr. Julian Escobar and couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Philip and Sonia Botello


ReproMed Fertility Center3

Where to begin on our hero, Dr. Escobar?! We had been trying to conceive for quite some time and saw many, many doctors. We were fairly certain IVF was the route for us, but from bad bedside manner, rushed nurses, doctors that treated all patients with the exact same medicine and protocol, we felt very discouraged.

Stacy Price


ReproMed Fertility Center4

Dave & I chose to have my tubes reversed. I had two sons from a prior marriage and my tubes had been tied for 5 years. Dave had tried IVF with his prior wife and both tries failed. We wanted to try to complete our family.

Danielle and Dave Tomaszewski


ReproMed Fertility Center5

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for years. After going through two miscarriages, feeling like everyone around us was able to conceive and deliver healthy babies while we continued to try. Continue Reading

Genna Tucker


ReproMed Fertility Center6

Oh what can I say about Dr. Escobar, he is simply the BEST!!! He has been there with me from Day 1 and I am so grateful for him. He is kind, paitent, and made this fertility journey so much easier. We started this journey with clomid, shots, and pills.

Jennifer Cimaglia – Dallas


“We wanted to say thank you, Dr. Escobar, for taking such good care of us throughout our baby making journey and IVF! Struggling with infertility has been the biggest challenge I have faced in my life, but having a doctor who genuinely cares and gives the extra effort to make you feel comfortable and hopeful, has made a tough process MUCH easier to deal with.”

Lisa M. – Dallas


ReproMed Fertility Cente7r

“Dr. Escobar, thank you for your professionalism and support during the difficult time of experiencing a miscarriage. I feel very comfortable under your care and look forward to continuing my care under your guidance in my quest to have a healthy baby.”

Anne and Gracie H. – Dallas


Ann Bothe - ReproMed Fertility Center8

“I want to express my sincere gratitude for Dr. Escobar’s commitment to helping us start a family. We are so blessed to have our baby girl, and you made it possible! She is such a joy, and we know your capable hands and skills are a huge part as to why. We are forever thankful for all that you have done.”

Ann Bothe – Flower Mound


Dr. Anil Pinto – Patient Stories

ReproMed Fertility Center9

In August, we were blessed with a precious baby boy who has changed our life forever. He is the perfect complement to our family and we are enjoying every minute with him. Our journey began in early 2015 Continue Reading

Angela Justiss


ReproMed Fertility Center10

When my husband and I decided that it was time to start trying for a child I never in a million years expected our journey to turn out the way it has, but I assume it is that way for you all as well. Continue Reading

Lindsey and Bob Cox


ReproMed Fertility Center11

Hi Everyone, This is my story. My husband and I had been trying for several years to get pregnant. It just seemed like all hope was gone. Then we met Dr. Anil Pinto. Best day of my life. But there were stumbling blocks all around me and my faith was being tested. Continue Reading

Tishaurie Sims


ReproMed Fertility Center12

After years of painful cycles, surgeries and procedures, I was told I would need IVF in order to conceive due to blockage of the fallopian tubes. It was then we were referred to Dr. Pinto in December of 2011. In February 2012, we went through one more procedure to open the fallopian tubes and with one round of chlomid. Continue Reading

Ivelisse Colon


Dr Pinto Testimonial

Meet our pair of miracles Ethan and Elijah!. After learning that we wouldn’t be able to get pregnant on our own, my husband and i turned to Dr. Pinto and decided in vitro would be our best shot. Not only did it work on the first try, it worked really well, and we were thrilled to learn we were expecting twins!. Continue Reading

Chris and Elissa Arnold



We tried since 2009 to conceive with no success. Dr. Pinto is the best doctor out there for any IVF patient. At the age of 42, i have two healthy baby girls. This was only possible because of Dr. Pinto and genetic testing. He is very good and very knowledgeable “I LOVE HIM” !! Good Luck to all the future mommies out there.

Michelle Scott Lynch


Jensen Duehl - ReproMed Fertility Center

Am I dreaming? It’s not possible this is real. Sometimes I find myself staring at him and I just can’t help but pinch myself to make sure this isn’t some unbelievably amazing dream. He’s finally here! Perfect and wonderful and so happy in my arms.

He truly is our little miracle. Continue Reading

Jensen Duehl


ReproMed Fertility Center13

We had no idea trying to have a baby could be such a challenging road! My husband and I suffered 2 miscarriages when we were living in California and after minimal “testing” were told there was no reason for our losses
Continue Reading

Melissa Brewer


ReproMed Fertility Center14

Hello! My name is Shelbi Jacobs. My son is Asher. We went through several years of infertility with Dr. (poppa) Pinto before having our miracle. I have attached some pictures so you can see just how amazing Continue Reading

Shelbi Jacobs.


ReproMed Fertility Center15

I went through infertility for a total of 28 months. An experience I will never forget, and one that I now cherish. I was with Dr. Pinto for the majority of this journey, trying everything. From oral meds, to injections, to IUI. Continue Reading

Shauna Kamer


ReproMed Fertility Center16

My husband and I were seeing Dr. Pinto’s office for 3 years and did a combination of medications and IUIs and unfortunately they didn’t work for us. However, when we took a break from all the fertility treatment, that’s when I got pregnant last year in March 2014. Continue Reading



ReproMed Fertility Center17

I couldn’t have asked for a better office to walk my husband and me through infertility testing and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)! The care of Dr. Pinto and his staff at Repro Med has been genuine.
Continue Reading

Sarah Northcutt


ReproMed Fertility Center18

Thank you so much for all your help, dedicating, time, & care to make my little munchkin possible! I can’t express just how thankful Clarke & I are to have our little boy with us! Continue Reading

Clarke, Sarah, & Elijah


ReproMed Fertility Center19

Here is my granddaughter LeeAnn Kay Elliott. My daughter was bless with this beautiful little girl on 4/1/2015. Thank you Dr. Pinto, and all your wonderful staff.” Continue Reading

LeeAnn Kay Elliott


ReproMed Fertility Center20

“Eleanor Lynn Mock was born May 16th 2010, at 2:38 pm, she weighed 8 pounds and 9 ounces and was 21 inches long, but that is not where this story begins, it is where this story will end and a new story will begin, the story of Eleanor’s life. This though, this is ” Continue Reading

Jessica M. – Plano, TX


ReproMed Fertility Center21

“Our first pregnancy turned into a miscarriage in December 2010 that really shocked us. We were referred to ReproMed Fertility Center by one of our friend who was a resident in OB/GYN, who said he was a great mentor and a great doctor.” Continue Reading

Shetal S. – Rockwall , Texas


ReproMed Fertility Center22

“We are not talking about an average doctor and staff. No, they are first class. We were always treated with the utmost level of care. When we began our journey through fertility we were so scared and nervous, but after the first visit with Dr. Pinto I knew ” Continue Reading

Rachel L. – Dallas, Texas


ReproMed Fertility Center23

“I never felt like a “number”, as I did with other larger offices. Vicki, Chandra and the whole staff have always been friendly and were our cheerleaders throughout our treatment. Now that Dr. Pinto has offices in McKinney, I’ll be sure to tell anyone that may need” Continue Reading

Kim D. – McKinney, Texas


ReproMed Fertility Center24

“My husband and I were ready to quit, but Dr.Pinto did not give up on us. He was determined to do everything he possibly could. Dr.Pinto and staff were there to guide us and keep us positive every step of the way.” Continue Reading

Nashika T. – Dallas, Texas


ReproMed Fertility Center25

“We came to Dr. Pinto’s office, after experiencing a heartbreaking loss and a year and a half of unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant on our own. We left that first appointment with a lot of information but, more importantly for us, we had hope.” Continue Reading

Kate. – Houston, TX


ReproMed Fertility Center26

“For years I was told that I might as well come to terms that I will never be able to have kids. When I had complications you were right there … I don’t know of any doctors that do that. You were my light and strength in the time that my days grew dark and my” Continue Reading

LaWanda R. – Dallas, TX


“Dr. Pinto and his staff treated us with grace and respect. What a comforting feeling it was to have a doctor personally return your phone calls. He even called to wish us congratulations while on his vacation! We connected with all the wonderful nurses and staff a” Continue Reading

Trudy B. – Coppell, Texas